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"The middle path is the way to wisdom”   ~ Rumi

If you are looking to finally transform your life and reach a place of peace and wellness then I'm here to guide you on your journey. Sometimes you need extra support to help you to find your way back to vibrant health. I am passionate about helping ordinary people to become healthier and happier and to align to their authentic being in a place of love and self-acceptance. I want to encourage those who think healthy practices are the things that other people do to become one of those people. I will help to empower you to take control and responsibility for your health and show you how even small changes can lead to significant improvements in your wellbeing. 


Our thoughts and emotions are often overlooked with regard to physical health but when we are able to uncover energy patterns linked to our response to negative emotions that we are holding onto we can work to remove the blockages in our subtle bodies that can manifest in the physical. Often, we can follow very strict dietary and exercise guidelines and feel like we are doing every thing we possibly can to "cure" ourselves but never get there. This is very frustrating, but it doesn't have to be this way! If you clear these underlying blockages then you can find the path to true wellness.


I offer a twelve week emotional balance package to help you to release blockages and raise your vibration. You can also sign up for my twenty-two week wellness life transformation programme to take you through a whole life detox. This combines emotional balance with functional medicine and guidance on functional nutrition and lifestyle changes.

My approach uses a blend of gentle techniques that I've learnt on my own life journey and from my training in functional medicine and nutrition that will help you to increase your vitality, boost your immunity, improve your overall health and enable you to connect with your inner guidance. I believe in a holistic way of living, being close to nature and making the most of today's technologies together with ancient wisdoms.

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