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Your Path to Joyful Living


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Learn how to move past your emotional blocks and free yourself from old energy patterns so that you can move into a new way of being and find your joy. If you are feeling stuck and need a helping hand to discover what is limiting you these sessions can help you to get into alignment and open up to loving and trusting yourself on your unique journey.

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Dive into a 16 week intensive journey to transform your life. Detox on every level, right through your home, your habits, your diet, your thoughts and your subtle bodies to open up channels to enable you to go deeper and get the most out of your life and allow you to experience a deeper connection with your inner wisdom. 


A 6 week programme to discover your joy through high vibrational foods using plant-based fucntional nutrition, energy medicine and chakra balancing. Discover how to eat to nourish yourself on both the physical and non-physical levels and shine your light from within.


Lizzie Cooke Wellness lizzie cooke wellness at wellnesswithlizzie


" My approach uses a blend of gentle techniques ~ making the most of today's technologies together with ancient wisdoms ~ that will help you to increase your vitality, boost your immunity, deepen your connection to source and improve your overall health."

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My worldview has been formed from many months abroad in South East Asia, Africa and the Americas; travelling, working and volunteering in primate conservation, on organic and biodynamic farms and environmental projects; learning permaculture, yoga, qi gong, reiki, munay-ki, metaphysics, functional medicine and nutrition, meditation and scuba diving; and experiencing a more natural, holistic way of life. 


I have learnt through my own journey to health, peace and happiness, that we are all unique and we need to look at our individual needs and release past trauma in order to identify how to move forwards and heal. Although conventional medicine can be helpful on one's journey, I believe in healing in the most natural ways possible with the best nutrition, connection to self and with nature to promote wellbeing.​

I've been influenced and inspired by many great teachers along the way and I trained in the functional approach to health because it looks for the root cause of illness and is truly holistic, including mind, body and spirit in that search. I've learnt that it is not only what you eat but how you feel ~ and how you feel about the food you are eating ~ that has an impact on your health. Our bodies give us messages to help us to grow and expand. I am fascinated by the link between food and our emotions and how our emotions affect our state of wellbeing.


My aim is to help others to restore flow and balance wtihin the physical and subtle bodies in order to experience wellness to the fullest. I want to help to empower others to align with source so that they can access their own inner guidance to help them make the right health choices for them.


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I'm much happier and healthier thank you so much ... I've waited all my life for this balance ... finally taking control of my life  ♥


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