Functional Medicine looks to discover the root causes behind chronic diseases and offers an integrated, science-based approach, combining both conventional and alternative medicine with the latest medical testing, nutrtional and lifestlye guidance. It is person centred and investigates the biochemical processes within the body and how they relate to each other, the individual and their unique environment. It recognizes that we are not just a body and has a truly holistic approach.

Every day we experience many stressors, these can include emotional stress, pollutants, pesticides and poor food choices which can overload the body and bring chronic disease and pain. Functional Medicine can help you address specific health concerns such as digestive issues like IBS, indigestion, constipation and acid reflux, fatigue, allergies, anxiety, chronic pain and weight gain. Together we can work towards restoring your system to optimal function. 


When we discover the physical root to an imbalance we often "fix" this without addressing the emotional root which can lead to the problem reocurring or appearing in another form. We can go deeper to clear this on an emotional level by changing the way we think, feel and eat.

Key factors in Functional Medicine

  • It recognizes that we are all biochemically and genetically unique

  • It investigates lifestyle factors and personal history to help build the picture and get to the root cause

  • It works with the individual, not just a collection symptoms or a specific disease

  • It supports the body's healing mechanisms in order to heal naturally and recognizes the body's capabilities for bringing itself back into balance

  • It is scientifically based and understands how the body systems are linked in a complex web

  • It asks "Why?" and continues to ask this until it reaches the root cause

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