The appreciation that Source feels for you, never-endingly, will wrap youin a warm

blanket of worthiness if you will allow it.”  ~ Abraham Hicks

Join me on this twelve week journey to explore your emotions and find out what is holding you back from stepping into your true wellness. I will gently guide you through processes designed to give you the knowledge and the tools to leave behind old energy patterns and become healthier and happier.


We will begin by identifying your core underlying emotional blocks. We will not dwell on past negative experiences but will identify what needs to be cleared and restore your natural flow. The process will be individual to you and I will fully support you throughout.

We will introduce methods to help you to align to your true nature and ensure that you are a vibrational  match to your own healing. There are many simple techniques to help you do this so we can work together to find the ones that suit you.

We will replace fears and doubts with love and appreciation for YOU and for life and all of its beautiful gifts.

  • improve your physical and emotional health

  • feel energised and inspired

  • align with your true nature and become more intuitive

  • learn how to maintain a high vibration

  • discover the joy in life

  • relieve stress and learn how to choose your thoughts

  • inspire your loved ones with your new way of being 

  • experience more love in your life and improve your connection with others

​Your fully supportive programme includes:

  • 90 minute emotional exploration session (in person or phone/video call) to help us to identify your main negative emotional blocks

  • 12 weekly 60 minute emotional clearing sessions

  • 12 optional extra 15 minute sessions to resolve anything that comes up during the week

  • simple weekly tasks to help you to stay focused 

  • support via email and text throughout the programme

  • my techniques toolbox (including stress relief and aligment tools)

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right for us both, and to discuss payment options.

      Contact me now on  WhatsApp +44 7527 506 305  or call +34 633 197 121
 email: l i z z i e c o o k e @ h o t m a i l . c o . u k
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