Your twenty-two week programme will be carefully constructed to meet your individual needs and designed to enable you to detox your life on every level, right through your home, your habits, your diet, your thoughts and your subtle bodies to open up channels to enable you to go deeper and get the most out of your life. Not only will you regain your health but the clarity you attain will allow you to experience a deeper connection with your inner wisdom. I will walk with you through a whole lifestyle change that is both sustainable and enjoyable, it will enable you to transform your life and allow your intuition to guide you to a place of effortless flow.


You will be fully supported throughout the entire process to help you to stay inspired and ensure that the elements introduced become a normal part of your daily routine. Your unique programme will include one-to-one coaching to give you all the encouragement you need together with emotional clearing sessions to release old patterns that have been holding you back. ​The focus will be on developing positive, enjoyable habits and introducing tools to relieve stress, remove blockages, add fun and create balance and expansion, allowing you to align to your true path. It will be gentle but effective, bringing about changes without you having to struggle with strict discipline, it is aimed at creating a guilt free system that works for you. This helps to ensure that you will keep up your new, lighter way of life and be motivated to continue on the journey after finishing the programme happier, healthier and inspired!

  • feel totally cleansed from a detoxed mind, body and lifestyle

  • boost your immunity and help prevent future health issues

  • feel energised and experience a renewed zest for life

  • become more intuitive

  • learn how to intuitively eat what is best for you

  • eliminate food cravings and transform your eating habits

  • become a vibrational match to your own healing

  • discover which foods you are a match to according to your underlying beliefs

  • maintain a healthy weight and feel amazing

  • align with your true nature and find your natural flow

  • discover the joy in life

  • relieve stress and get better quality sleep

  • increase your longevity

  • inspire your loved ones to become healthier too

  • experience more love in your life and improve your connection with others

  • work with someone who understands what it's like to experience a chronic health issue and return to vibrant health

​Your fully supportive programme includes:

  • 90 minute full health and lifestyle assessment (in person or phone/video call) to help me create your unique programme

  • 11 fortnightly one-to-one 45 minute wellness transformation information and coaching sessions (in person or phone/video call)

  • 11 weekly 60 minute emotional clearing sessions (first 11 weeks of the programme)

  • 11 optional extra 30 minute emotional clearing sessions to resolve anything that surfaces

  • Functional Medicine tests including *GI EcologiX comprehensive gastrointestinal health and microbiome profile* and *Organic Acids and Environmental Polluntants* plus a potentional further test determined by your assessment

  • simple weekly tasks to help you to stay focused 

  • support via email and text throughout the programme

  • recipes and food guide

  • personalised guided meditation

  • my techniques toolbox (including stress relief and aligment tools)

Please note:

  1. if you have already completed the emotional clearing package the cost of this will be deducted from the cost of the programme.

  2. The cost of any recommended supplements is not included in the price.

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