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If you are struggling with your health, trying to cope with a chronic issue, wishing you could find someone to help who understands what you are going through, someone willing to listen and guide you on a path to wellness... then THIS programme is made for YOU!  Let me support you to finally feel better with a complete life detox which will visit every aspect of your wellbeing in order to ensure that lasting change is made and you are able to reclaim your health and feel whole again. 


Your twenty-two week programme will be carefully constructed to meet your individual needs and designed to enable you to detox your life on every level, right through your home, your habits, your diet, your thoughts and your subtle body to open up channels to enable you to go deeper and get the most out of your life. Not only will you regain your health but the clarity you attain will allow you to experience a deeper connection with your inner wisdom. I will walk with you through a whole lifestyle change that is both sustainable and enjoyable that will enable you to transform your life and instill good practices that allow you to detox the elements that are preventing you from seeing clearly, allowing your intuition to guide you to a place of effortless flow.


You will be fully supported throughout the entire process to keep you motivated and ensure that the elements introduced become a normal part of your daily routine. Your unique programme will include one-to-one coaching time with me to give you all the encouragement you need. ​The focus will be on developing positive, enjoyable habits and introducing tools to relieve stress and create balance, allowing you to align to your true path. It will be gentle but effective, bringing about changes without you having to struggle with strict discipline and is aimed at creating a guilt free system that works for you. This helps to ensure that you will keep up your new, lighter way of life and be motivated to continue on the journey after finishing the programme happier, healthier and inspired!

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key elements